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                        A Brief Introduction to Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University

                        Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University is a large, modern and digitalized hospital. At present, the Hospital has three campuses and one base for education, research and development. The Nanhu Campus is located in Sanhao Street, Heping District and the Huaxiang Campus is situated in Huaxiang Road, Tiexi District of Shenyang city in Liaoning Province, with a total land area of 130,000 square meters and a gross floor area of 540,000 square meters. The Shenbei Campus which lies in Puhe Street, Shenyang North New Area has a land area of 235,000 square meters. The Base for Medical and Pharmaceutical Research and Education of Shengjing Hospital lies in Benxi High-tech Zone known as "China Medicine Capital" and it occupies a total land area of 625,800 square meters. In 2014, “SHENGJING HOSPITAL” succeeded in application for the “Famous Trademark of China”, and became the first general hospital in China that owns the Chinese famous trademark.

                        The Hospital has adopted a unified management mode for its multiple campuses. "Nanhu Campus", "Huaxiang Campus" and "Shenbei Campus" of Shengjing Hospital share one leadership team at the hospital and department level, one information system, and one unified management for human resources, finance, medical service and logistics. Integrated management ensures consistency of the hospital culture at different campuses, coordinated operation and rapid development, and gives full play to the advantages of medical services in major cities.

                        Intelligent Hospital

                        As a national "Model Hospital of Digitalization", Shengjing Hospital has played a leading role in hospital digitalization. In 1998, the hospital took the first step of information construction. In 2001, the hospital information system successfully connected with Shenyang medical insurance seamlessly, and took the lead in the ranking of Fixed-point Medical Insurance Units in Liaoning Province and Shenyang City. In 2002, after establishment of the Huaxiang Campus through taking over the former Third Hospital of China Medical University, the hospital fully integrated its network with the network of Nanhu Hospital, and realized the integration and systematization of information management in an all-round way. In the same year,Hospital Information System (HIS) won the second prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Liaoning Province and Shenyang, respectively, and stepped into the ranks of the advanced level of hospital informatization in China. In 2006, the hospital became one of the earliest 20 "digital construction demonstration hospitals" in China. In the same year, the inpatient electronic medical record process achieved paperless. In 2012, the hospital began to use the paperless process of outpatient electronic medical records. In 2013, the hospital became one of the first four hospitals to pass the National Health and Family Planning Commission's Standardized Maturity Assessment of Hospital Information Connectivity, which means that the hospital information is highly continuous, data is highly standardized, and information outside the hospital is smoothly interconnected. In 2014, the Hospital became the only "double-seven-level" hospital in China that had passed both the "seven-level classification of the functional application level of electronic medical record system" approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the highest Seven-level certification of the evaluation level of electronic medical record use of HIMSS institutions in the United States. In 2017, the Hospital became the first hospital in China to pass the Seven-level re-evaluation.  In 2019, the first 5G Intelligent Hospital in Northeast China was established in our hospital.

                        At present, we have formed a digitalized medical service model which is characterized by the clinical application of electronic medical record, clinical pathway management, outpatient electronic medical record and appointment registration system, patient information integration, digitalized quality nursing and management, medical service management and quality control, digitalized management of regional medical service collaboration, comprehensive information inquiry of hospital operation, hospital office automation and application of wireless network. 

                        The hospital has fully implemented the construction of smart hospitals with the core of "cloud and mass migration", that is, a highly integrated hospital based on cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and mobile Internet, so as to achieve a high degree of automation in medical information construction and smart hospitals combined with "Internet +". Intelligent hospitals based on cloud and mass migration make hospitals play their advantages in three aspects: doctor-patient connection, medical business collaboration and main body of medical responsibility. A new medical service system is constructed, which improves the level and quality of medical service, realizes the overall planning of resources, promotes graded diagnosis and treatment, provides better medical service at lower cost, and promotes a new modern medical model.

                           By building private cloud, we can store data of various systems in our hospital. Cloud computing has fast computing power and powerful data storage function, which guarantees the security and stability of medical operation, improves the efficiency of hospital, and realizes the communication and sharing of information for medical system, and provides basic guarantee for patients to seek medical treatment.

                        Through large data analysis, on the one hand, hospitals optimize the business process of hospital administration and affairs processing, reduce the labor intensity of staff handling affairs, assist hospital management and senior leaders in decision-making, and improve the efficiency of hospital work; on the other hand, by collecting and processing patient clinical medical data information, they not only provide medical staff with clinical activities, clinical consultation and auxiliary diagnosis and treatment support, they can also assist clinical decision-making, improve the efficiency and quality of medical staff, provide data support for scientific research services, and provide more, faster and better services for patients.

                        The Hospital reduces the dependence of labor and condition through the application technology of Internet of Things, and realizes all-round and multi-angle collection and analysis of the hospital, including energy monitoring, equipment monitoring, environmental monitoring and so on. Problems will be automatically alarmed once identified so as to realize the efficient management of personnel, equipment and materials, eliminate the errors and accidents caused by traditional manual judgment and identification, provide more humanized services for patients, and effectively enhance the satisfaction of medical treatment.

                        The Hospital independently develops two APPs based on the mobile internet. One is the employee-oriented, employee-centered palm office APP i.e. the Shengjing OA, which integrates business processes, office approval, personnel information and other daily office functions into office automation technology to truly achieve paperless office, thus making multiple department collaboration more convenient. The other is the patient-oriented and patient-centered palm office APP i.e. the Palm Shengjing Hospital. The functions of appointment registration, waiting reminder, guidance navigation and result viewing can improve the patient's experience of seeking medical treatment and enhance the satisfaction of seeking medical treatment in an all-round way.

                        While building an intelligent hospital, we strengthen the protection of network and information, and adopt necessary security measures, such as dual-computer hot standby, remote backup and firewall, to comprehensively enhance the ability of information security protection, hidden danger detection and emergency disposal. We also enhance patient privacy protection to provide a strong and reliable guarantee for the healthy development of hospital informationization.

                        Intelligent Logistics Management

                        In recent years, we have guided the hospital logistics work with Party building culture. With modem hospital logistics management system as a benchmark and information management as a means, the Hospital introduces professional and technical talents to participate in hospital logistics management, exploring and implementing a new management model of "logistics + infrastructure integrated management", "one-stop service", "Internet of Things + socialization", "territorial Management + professional group", and comprehensively promotes construction of integrated safety management system of logistics service and support.

                        The connotation construction of the hospital logistics team has been continuously strengthened. Through the "piece-wise" bidding management, the introduction of third-party supervision services in the reconstruction processes such as design, supervision, cost, settlement and auditing, the discussion of major matters by the Section Affair Meeting, the regular guidance of the Vice-President in charge, the synchronous training of clean government style and professional skills, and self-checking and self-correcting in accordance with industry standards, both the team quality and the service quality has been significantly improved. At the same time, we have continuously improved the construction of logistics system, established a professional research group, successively compiled nine articles and 60 chapters of management system, totaling 538 items, formed a relatively complete logistics management system of Shengjing Hospital, and achieved fruitful results in the construction of department culture. In recent years, the staff of Logistics Support Department have written nearly 100 professional papers. Many times, they have won the "Excellent Paper Award" in the evaluation of papers organized by industry associations. In addition, they have participated in the compilation and verification of many construction guidelines, operation and maintenance standards, and many management cases have won awards from the industry organizations and departments in charge.

                        In 2005, the Hospital implemented the integrated management of logistics and infrastructure, realizing the seamless connection between infrastructure management and logistics management. As a result, the Hospital began to enter the development channel of efficient construction. Over the past decade, the Hospital has completed nearly 800,000 square meters of new buildings, created many cases in which the construction and the actual use were achieved in the same year. In addition, the Hospital has maintained records of no major safety accidents despite of the large scale of construction. The efficient and safe construction has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of the Hospital.

                        In 2009, the “ Single Number Reach Service Center” of the Logistics Support Department was set up in the Hospital. The Center upholds the concept of "leaving problems to ourselves, returning time to medical staff for them to have more time to serve patients". It advocates changing "passive maintenance" to "active preventive maintenance" and "many-to-many maintenance" to "one-to-many service" in combination with the reform in the socialized service of operation and maintenance. Now a complete "one-stop logistics service" mode has been established. In 2018, the case of "one-stop logistics service in Shengjing Hospital" won the "Top Ten Hospital Logistics Management Project Award" awarded by the Center for Capacity Building and Continuing Education of the National Health Care Commission.

                         In 2017, under the guidance of the idea of information integration in the whole hospital, the Hospital logistics work started to build an operation and maintenance information management platform with the core of ensuring operation safety, improving service quality and improving work efficiency. The platform adopts operation and maintenance-oriented architecture and service-oriented system framework. With the help of BIM, Internet of Things interaction, artificial intelligence analysis, big data mining and other key technologies, the platform builds a digital building information model. The goal is to integrate the operation data of construction equipment, visualize the operation status, optimize the operation resources, assist the decision-making of hospital operation management, and support the hospital to optimize the allocation of resources. We use the information platform to automatically monitor the operation data of construction equipment, achieving real-time record, real-time alarm and real-time feedback, and use data analysis to find short boards, repair loopholes, tap potential and improve efficiency. As a result, we can reduce hospital energy consumption, improve the life cycle support capacity of logistics buildings, and continuously improve the quality of all-round logistics services.

                        Nowadays, with a brand-new spiritual outlook, the Hospital is making every effort to build an intelligent logistics management system with Shengjing characteristics so as to provide safer, high-quality, efficient and low-cost support services for the medical, teaching and scientific research work.

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